Dating site for the mentally ill

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To become any kind of specialist you need to first train as a doctor then train within your specialty.

(I learned my lesson after getting hit by a van twice... ) Unfortunatly his therapy sessions, and all the groups he was involved in and the church wasn't much help to him! )I would like to know if someone I was dating had a mental disease like bipolar.The saddest part of that reality is that physical illnesses will receive the majority of attention until (if ever) the health care crisis is over.....think about where that leaves people struggling with mental illness.By the way were you aware that 20% of the Canadian population deals with some form of mental illness?However, if you knew someone was schizophrenic at the start will you wanna continue with the realtionship, i dunno if I would.My roommate in college was a schizophrenic, and I would think that he would just come at me at night or sometime for no reason, I was 18 and still under media influence, now I understand they are harmless but very paranoid and even delusional at times. I think what many perhaps do not realize is that mental illness often times results from a chemical imbalance in the body. Because of the negative attitude regarding these illnesses many go undiagnosed because they are ashamed to admit they have such an illness.

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