Dating seto kaiba

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She finds adventure and excitement in the world beyond her own, and also finds herself falling for an AI designed after the game's creator.Unfortunately, these memories are not random and Yami Bakura has a new trick up his sleeve to get the Items.Serenity also after an inward struggle of self blame, was the key to defeating Nezbitt and she pulled through.Optimism seems to be one of her key features, which one would need to survive nearly going blind, being aware she may not get the operation.: DSerenity takes a job testing Kaiba's latest virtual game, and finds herself in a magical world of Kaiba's design.

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Throughout the whole series she is pictured as gentle but strong, with a never changing attitude of high spirits.This popular pairing seemed to emerge from the fans' imaginations, but it has since gained footing as one of the show's favorite couplings.This community is made especially for all you hardcore Sx S fans, and also for those of you who seem a little or extremely uneasy about the couple.Kaiba and Serenity are forced to work together, but become entangled in not only in work problems, but also that of Joey's jealousy and the appearance of a mysterious figure desperate to interfere with Serenity's life...When Serenity's kidnapped in front of her brother's eyes by his biggest rival, Seto Kaiba, what feelings will develop between Serenity and Seto?

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