Dating professor grad school

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You learn just as much from anecdotal chatting as you do from your own research.” A good supervisor says all the right things Your supervisor will be a mentor, friend, confidante, adviser and also a voice of reason, so make sure it’s a voice you’ll want to hear.“Over the course of three years, it’s crucial to have someone who can encourage you when your experiments fall flat, challenge you when you become cocky and help steer you towards successfully submitting your thesis,” says broadcaster and writer Simon Singh, who did a Ph D in particle physics at the University of Cambridge.“Think about whether your prospective supervisor seems like the sort of person who will be there when you need them.” While you’re visiting potential supervisors, try to meet some of their current students as well as other colleagues in their group.“I always tell Ph D candidates to talk to my students,” says Carolyn Stephens, senior lecturer in international environmental health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.If this is the case, make sure your supervisor is willing to put you in touch with scientists from other subjects.” You will also find help from those closer to home.“Remember that on a day-to-day basis you will spend more time working with students and postdocs than your supervisor,” says Hough.Supervisors can be stereotyped – pick your favourite So says David Hand, professor of mathematics at Imperial College London.

Some students publish many papers, others only a few.“It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike,” says Greenfield. Then you get your own tricycle, then a two-wheeled bike with stabilisers.Finally your stabilisers are removed.” Science shouldn’t be too safe; you shouldn’t be too protected, she says.“To get the most from your supervisor, you have to be interested in what they do.My supervisor will leap at any chance to discuss – often at great length – a topic he’s passionate about.

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