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And while, yes, we are dealing with the consequences of the paradox of choice when it comes to dating, that’s something that affects men and women.

Which means – say it with me now: this isn’t an example of female privilege.

You weren’t required to see them again; you didn’t dig them and that was the end of that.

If you were to get a second date with someone and realize that you weren’t actually into them and decide not to see them again, then you would be dictating terms there, too. You can take all of five seconds to read through Buzzfeed listicles about women’s dating woes to realize that they’re dealing with the same bullshit you are.

My one girlfriend when I was 16 is now happily married.

Quick tip: listing not being autistic as a plus is not going to help or win you many friends.

So scrub up and snap on the gloves; it’s time to get all up in them guts.

Doctor Nerd Love, I need your advice to get me out of a very negative mindset.

Just me forever alone, and nothing I can do about it. And, once again: this isn’t an example of female privilege.

All this talk of female oppression and male privilege, but nothing about the female privilege…

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