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Some people got up and went out into the street but after a short period they returned to their beds. It measure 6.6 on the Richter scale and the epicentre was the city of Bam.

Given the level of destruction it is probably safe to assume that the earthquake occurred close to the surface. Roofs and ceilings tend to be made of many layers of bricks to keep the house cool in summer.

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Aid workers told Reuters the rescued man had travelled from a nearby village to Bam for medical treatment and was staying with his sister when the earthquake struck.Existing in shadows of its own historical greatness from 17, the city eventually closed its illustrious gates to civilians at the turn of the century.For the forty-year period following, the city was an active military barracks, and then lay vacant until the restoration process began in the early 1950s.Ancient Bam, or the Arg-i-Bam, at its peak of political, economic, and military power had some 11,000 citizens living in 400 houses within its city walls, which still stand much the way they did hundreds of years ago.Since the city's inception, judged to be between 250 BC .

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