Dating long distance in college

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The relationship was taking a toll on me, but in addition to that, my job inarguably sucked.

(I worked at a law office in Soho that specialized in finance, and I literally had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.)I knew maybe one person in all of Manhattan, and was spending a fortune renting a pull-out couch because I didn't know where to live.

We didn't have trust early on, what with him dumping me every few weeks or even days.

Of course I didn't trust him not to break it off because I was gone. If my boyfriend didn't text me back right away, I assumed that it was over.

Moving back to the city I had just left led to years of resentment.

The relationship I was in with my long-distance boyfriend had gotten off to a pretty rocky start.

I had a history of falling for emotionally unavailable people.

Maybe this was someone who actually wanted to be with me. If I seem bitter now, it's because I wasn't angry enough then.

Once, he sent me a job posting in Princeton, and I allowed myself to flirt with the idea of being able to hang out on weekends. It wasn't long before I became impatient with the open-ended nature of our long-distance relationship.It's the flaws, though, both large and small, that I find so important in a relationship.Love is real when you know it can exist despite them.I agreed to date even though, by the time we were actually getting together, it would be long distance.If I had a better sense of relationships then, I would have understood that the early days of a relationship set the tone for what's to come.

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