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The Bloomframe® is available in the following dimensions: 1700mm (width) x 2400mm (height) 2300mm (width) x 2400mm (height) 3000mm (width) x 2400mm (height) What is the net surface of the balcony? The total height of the balustrade alone is 1222mm How do you avoid the danger of blocking/trapping?The net surface of the floor part is 3 m² for a Bloomframe® window of a maximum size (3000×2400 mm) Can you increase the deepness of the balcony until net 1,5m? The Bloomframe® window provides a slow opening of approximated 60 seconds.His hands will put your man to shame and leave the poor soul wishing he had hit the gym early enough.Send ' NEWS' to 40227 to receive all the important breaking news as it happens In Instagram photos seen by ke, the dark skinned hunk appears to be well aware of all his attractive features that seem to be sending chills down team mafisilet's ovaries.It has a manual emergency override system to open or close the Bloomframe® window in case of power failure. The Bloomframe® window electronic control system can be installed at the height specified for disabled (maximum of 1300mm from the floor).As you can see on the attached installation document, an accessibility threshold is provided.Both hands of the user are required during the opening and closing process.It is mandatory to wait until the Bloomframe® window is fully open before stepping onto the floor.

The product’s creators, the Amsterdam-based architecture firm Hofman Dujardin explain the Bloomframe® window could soon become a familiar element of the modern cityscape as more architects, developers and builders realize its considerable functional and aesthetic benefits.The Bloomframe® window position is primarily used in good weather conditions and it is imperative to close it when rain appears.During the closure process, the remaining water on the glass surface will not leak to indoor space.For specific application in your project please contact the engineering team of Kawneer France.In which size can the Bloomframe® window be produced? Fence dimensions from the surface of the glazed floor of the balcony to the top of the balustrade is around 1218mm.

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