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The next day, neighbors looked back with fresh horror at the house, which was littered with glass on the front porch, had a shot-out front window with a shattered window blind hanging over its sill.

The front yard was gouged and the front walk busted by the heavy treads of a police armored vehicle that had driven up onto the yard during the gunbattle.

A Missouri Highway Patrol SWAT team entered into the house after an hours-long shootout where they found both the officer and Waters dead.

It remains unclear if Waters, 37, took his own life or was killed by police.

It is unclear if the mistake was the result of human error or a faulty computer system.

"It's tough to navigate through and deal with," Lowe said. "The 911 call that came in was somehow attached to that (Clinton) address," Lowe said during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting scene in Clinton, Mo.

on Tuesday night talk of multiple gunshots, an officer bleeding from his arm and pleadings for their wounded officer inside the house to hang on.

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Neighbors reported being wary of the house, which has surveillance cameras on its roof.

After the gunbattle, methamphetamine was allegedly found at the home, and Widger was charged with possession of the drug with the intent to distribute and with keeping or maintaining a public nuisance.

Morton, an Afghanistan War veteran, died in the back room of the house while officers outside pleaded for the gunman to let rescuers in to try to save him.

He was facing new charges in Cass County after an arrest in November for alleged meth and marijuana possession. Morton joined the Clinton Police Department full time in 2015 and started in a reserve capacity in January 2017.

Lakeviona Waters, who lives in Independence, said she wishes she could apologize to Morton's family for her father's actions. He returned to full time in late September, six weeks after Michael was killed on duty. Eric Greitens said Morton had filled the post of his fallen colleague.

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