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It is strongly opposed to Marxism and, more broadly, to the use of economic theories to justify government intervention in the economy.

Prominent members included Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

In his books, Taleb asserts that human beings are by their very nature poor judges of risk, because of their Normalcy Bias. (Where someone that buys a flashlight also provides one as charity to an African villager.) Sadly, this acronym was twisted by Internet markerteers with other companies, who turned it into “Buy one, get one”–nothing more than a 50% off sale, with no charitable giving.

A stout object that is used to confine traffic within or from a given area.

“I think that Bolt Hold Open is a fitting moniker for our sitting President, because a rifle Bolt Hold Open lever is: A.) An Obstruction.

B.) Only useful and noticed after the real work has been completed by another apparatus, and C.) A reminder that best is behind us, and that the fun won’t resume until Bolt Hold Open is slapped and disengaged.

These are not to be confused with the current production AR-180B rifles that can use standard AR-15 or M16 magazines.

It weighs just two pounds, and when disassembled, all of the parts fit in the buttstock. The 7.62mm NATO predecessor of the M16 rifle, designed by Eugene Stoner.Depending on context, Bolt Hold Open or Barack Hussein Obama.JWR sometimes jokingly refers to Barack Hussein Obama as “President Bolt Hold Open” because they both share the same acronym.This drug reduces the effects of histamine release, which is triggered by an immune response. It will not prevent airway compromise or vascular collapse! Depending on context: Beat Frequency Oscillator (the circuitry in an amateur radio that allows you to hear Morse code as tones), or Blinding Flash of the Obvious.(JWR gives copies of his first novel away as the prizes for his “BFO Awards” to anyone that e-mails a letter or article to Survival Blog that includes a particularly brilliant, novel, or useful concept.

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