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Ledges has a long history of being flooded by the nearby Des Moines River.The major flood water levels have been recorded on a "flood pole" located in the lower area of the park. The Oak Woods picnic shelter and nearby restroom, located in the eastern area of the park, are fully accessible.The Canyon Drive is currently closed to vehicle traffic while a construction project is underway to repair roadway damages.Visitors are welcome to hike into the Canyon at this time though, but are advised to use the trails to access the canyon and stay clear of where the work is taking place.

The winding road along Pea's Creek offers motorists breathtaking views of the "canyon" and the Des Moines River Valley.

At the time of European settlement, the Ledges area was inhabited by the Sauk, Fox (now the Mesqwakie) and Sioux.

Native American mounds in the vicinity contain artifacts acting as silent reminders of the area's past inhabitants.

Learn how to identify up to forty of these tiny, but interesting species by their differing sizes, shapes, and colors!

Feel free to view or download our online slideshow of lichens found along the trail (*pdf,5MB).

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