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Sergey Sokolov, Olga’s son, is a co-founder of the agency and used to work many years as one and only translator and now he is a general manager and matchmaker.

The Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency is supported by a very robust group of individuals responsible for the company’s success.

The teams of individuals are able to support the organization as a whole and ensure that the best matches are made.

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Traveling to Ukraine to meet a potential spouse isn’t that expensive as you might think and can be assured to also be an enjoyable experience for the price, as Ukraine is the cheapest country of Europe these days, because of the currency rate.You also have the opportunity to meet any amount of different Russian brides from the gallery.These tours are designed to be full matchmaking packages which will pair you with the right Ukrainian lady.Once things get more serious, you can then send her gifts to show your commitment to her.Jewelry, certificates, lingerie, roses, and candy are all items which you could send to your Ukrainian lady.

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