Dating disneyland dad

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Jim was a divorced father of three, the oldest of which was a 16 year old son.

He was experiencing more problems at the time with his eldest than he was with the other two children.

He came up with a stupid idea that was even more destructive. To begin with, let’s take a look at what a Disneyland Dad is perceived to be versus what he really is.

He suggested that Jim solidify and embrace his new role as an impotent, disenfranchised father, and just spend his time with his kids giving them whatever they want, forsaking all rules and discipline while they are with him. According to, which bills itself as “Helping women survive divorce and rebuild their lives,” A Disneyland Dad is as follows: “Generally, he’s a father who buys his kids whatever they want, taking them out to eat and to all the fun places in town, rarely enforces regular routines, and gives in to their every whim.

I use the word “dysfunctional” because it technically fits.Respect for him, even as a human being, much less a father, became as distant as the memory of an intact family.At some point Jim realized he wasn’t even a visitor any more.We are, after all, talking about non-custodial “fathers.” Yes, I put “fathers” in scare quotes for a reason. Scare quotes should be used every time non-custodial is the adjective describing a father, unless his situation is otherwise qualified, which is rare. It means quite a bit less when someone is allowed to put a leash on it; to dictate how much and how often it is expressed.A non-custodial “father” is what remains of a male parent after you strip away all his authority, access and ongoing influence in the life of his child. This is especially true when loving your children means providing the consistency and discipline of which fathers are so naturally the providers. They often watch in horror as the custodial mother controls and abuses the father-child relationship with reptilian indifference to the emotional welfare of the children.

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