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I think in all of my films, 90 percent of the rehearsals we do them during the casting process. I spend a lot of time looking and looking, and once I’ve chosen my actors I know I did 90 percent of my work. She was considered, back in the 70s and 80s, the enemy because that’s how the country was divided. Once I finished The Attack, I came back, and I made it public that I filmed it in Israel. I designed my shots, I wrote the scenes with Joelle, and we composed everything like if it was an American movie, because that was my school. In the American system there is a jury and in Lebanon we don’t have a jury in court. They sit in a box on the left, 12 people, and they vote.” She said people in Lebanon wouldn’t believe it, because in Lebanon you do not have a jury system, you have a judge system. Instead of having one judge, we brought three judges, so at least they can vote like a jury. Believe me, I didn’t sit down with Joelle and said, “Lets write a film that is going to create controversy.” Never.

Those who attacked the film have not seen it at all. MM: ZD: You’ve got to keep the tension going, and at the same time, as a director, you have to always be generous with your actors. Fuck you, I’m not going to show the film in Jordan.” It’s very controversial. The family of slain aspiring model and actress Juliana Redding maintains justice has not been served that once had prosecutors insinuating she was the victim of spurned love and a business deal gone sour. Munir Uwaygah, who has never been charged in her death, fled the United States two days after the woman accused of brutally slaying 21-year-old aspiring model and actress Juliana Redding for pay was arrested.Now Redding’s family, including her father Greg Redding - who cancelled a business deal with Uwaygah just five days before his daughter’s murder - must live with the agonizing knowledge that whoever is responsible for Juliana's death may never pay. Munir Uwaydah (left) fled the country two days after the woman once accused of brutally murdering Juliana Redding (right) was arrested and is now said to be living out his life in Beirut, Lebanon Her father, a pharmacist, had agreed to go into business with Dr Uwaydah, managing a pharmacy and helping to develop products for a medical manufacturing company the Lebanese American businessman had founded.The film talks about reconciliation, and about understanding your enemy’s perspective, about empathy with they guy you’ve hated all of your life. There are people who prefer to have conflict, rather than peace. I went back to Beirut, and I talked to a casting director, and I said, “These are the character’s profiles show me who you’ve got.” We had a very long list of actors. The tricky part was casting the Palestinian actor, Kamel El Basha. You’ve got to explain to them what’s going on, you can’t let them off without doing that. There were demonstrations against it in Tunisia recently. You’ve got to always explain to them what is happening, without overdoing it.

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