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Five samples were split after crushing and sieving and were processed at both the Cosmogenic Nuclide Sample Preparation Laboratory at Vienna and at Budapest ( in order to assess and compare the sample processing preocedures of these recently operating sample preparation laboratories.

AMS measurements were performed at the French national facility ASTER (CEREGE (Aix-en-Provence, France).

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The isochron burial dating method is therefore well-suited to date this sedimentary setting due to the presence of large individual clasts that share the same post-depositional history, but have different pre-exposure and transport histories [4].The upper sequence was sampled at 5.5 m depth and the lower one was sampled at 11.8 m depth.From both depths six quartzite or quartz-bearing cobbles were taken together with a bulk sample from the matrix for isochron burial duration determination.The late Neogene to Quaternary history is less well preserved due to a gap in the sediment record starting from the Late Pannonian due to a large-scale uplift during a phase of basin inversion [1].Quaternary sediments in the Vienna Basin form prominent Pleistocene terraces north and south of the Danube's recent floodplain.

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