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Usually he just says thanks, but occasionally a “thanks babe” will slip out — force of habit, and terms of endearment/nicknames among friends in the office are not uncommon.

When the topic of our relationship comes up while I’m at work, as it occasionally does, there’s a chorus of “awwwww”s – and this has occasionally happened when someone noticed I brought him coffee.

Our company is small, less than 25 people, and quite casual so it’s no secret that we’re together and it’s never caused any sort of disruption or issue.

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Usually, my manager wouldn’t be down there so we communicated mainly through email or the other manager who would be in the office working on a different contract, or after weekly staff meetings where we discussed the work and how I was handling it.My significant other also works at the company (it’s how we met) but in a different department.My colleagues, bosses, and the CEO regularly commend us on keeping it professional and are very supportive of our relationship.) I know that I sometimes have to work a little extra hard to be seen as the skilled professional that I am. Or just ask him to make sure he never uses “babe” in the office? Those are both relationship things, and your relationship needs to be kept out of work.That’s true even if it doesn’t seem to bother your coworkers, because (a) it’s the professional thing to do, (b) you’re in a position of authority now, and it’s extra important that you show that you’re careful about trying to control any possible bias you might have.

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