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We have asked mums to go for a walk and come back to see if the activity helps the baby into a new position, which usually works and then we can try again!

“A good ultrasound machine is vital when looking clearly at a baby and imaging has become very sophisticated, even allowing parents to see their baby’s facial expressions.

This may be linked to the fact that the more pregnancies you have, the higher your levels of the hormone gonadotrophin.

This may be linked to a higher chance of having a girl.

That means that a longer-lasting female sperm is more likely to win the race.

It seems that the older a dad is the less likely the male sperm are to fertilise the egg and the female sperm win the race.

We've looked at the science about what influences the sex of a baby and used it for our gender predictor.

when I was pregnant for the first time I was also feeling eager and I also wanted to know whether a boy or girl will come. If this technology is available ,then why not to use it rather wait for nine months.

"At the proper stage within the pregnancy, a boy’s testicles and penis can be seen clearly and so can a female’s labia.” On message boards and internet forums, rumours abound on how to predict your child’s gender from scan images - what are the theories?

In the early stages of your pregnancy, the foetus’ genitalia, regardless of gender, can be seen as a small protuberance in the groin area.

I've heard about the nub theory and read and seen pics that confirm this to be true and correct but I guess it depends on getting the right shot and being able to see the nub.

It's the question everyone wants the answer to.

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