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The fringe is sewn on separately so it can be removed if desired or leaving the top of the bed without fringe to tickle you.Will fit a twin, double or queen size bed, a throw for a king size bed or a cuddly throw on your couch....... I have organically hand washed this coverlet and it is now ready for your inspection, How unusual to find a double sided quilt of any size.Usually when a quilt top was pieced it would then be stuffed and backed and be ready to use.In this case, both sides are complete pieced quilt tops.

It was definitely created for warmth by a master weaver.

After the American Revolutionary War, quilters began to make more pieced quilts, and also developed the appliqué technique of Broderie Perse.

The vegetable dyes available in the 18th and 19th century limited the colors available, but those same rich, deep tones are just the ones many are seeking today.

Much of the quilting is difficult to see because of the depth of color in the fabrics. This textile is a beautiful piece of art and could easily be the focal point of your room. Woven in the mid 19th century ironically created using colors that are very much today's palate.

This wonderful piece of history tells us more about the fabrics than the quilting. Completely hand pieced, created before the sewing machine, each diamond is outline quilted. This intricate overshot coverlet looks to be in hardly used condition.

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