Dating anniversary scrapbook dating aruba

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This is a great gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially for a first dating anniversary.A memory scrapbook makes a great sentimental keepsake to mark an important milestone in your relationship.It supports the idea that, yes, we got married, but it was not a typical wedding. The male and female icons, in the bottom left cluster are nondescript, because I didn’t want this to be an overly romantic layout, even though there are hearts as a motif they are small and subtle as our love story was only beginning. I included a photo that I googled of the movie poster, other than that the muted shades of grey, red and pops of turquoise add a little zap of colour from the neutral back ground paper that I used for the journaling.My scrapbooks now aren't as journalistic (I think I'm getting lazy...) I definitely want to start writing more in my scrapbooks again!Besides the journaling, I feel like my scrapbooking skills have improved a lot, these layouts seems slightly boring to me now, but it's kinda fun to look back at how I've started. We have so many beautiful memories and moments together and without this scrapbook, I know I wouldn't remember all of them.

I’m a sucker for a love story and the Get It Scrapped Creative Team has delivered in . I used traditionally themed elements like hearts and confetti, but in a bright color scheme which is not typical of a wedding theme. The eye then moves right to the photo where I have added the date back in 1987.Back in the fall of 2009 I made my husband (then boyfriend) a scrapbook for our first year anniversary of dating!I decided to scan it into my computer over my Christmas break to make sure we'd always have it - even if something happened to the original!Mondays were the best for scrapbooking, because I could leave everything out on the floor because there were no visiting hours!He had no idea it was coming - which is impressive because I'm really bad at keeping secrets!

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