Dating an ironman triathlete who is john utendahl dating now

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If you talk to anyone who has completed an Ironman, they’ll tell you three things: 1. While I usually don’t respond well to needy guys, I must say that, all-in-all, things are going pretty well between me and the new beau.

Basically, I’m dating the Ironman – and he is the neediest boyfriend I’ve ever had.

This, coming from the girl whose first trip to the Ironman World Championship was on my honeymoon, two weeks tacked on at the end of my husband's race.

But back then I was a wide-eyed newbie to the triathlon world, loving every minute of our sporting life, without a speck of resentment when we sacrificed evenings out to early training alarms.

He'd go months at a time without so much as breaking a sweat.It was as though I had changed my name and they couldn't handle the new one, like when Prince became the Artist Formerly Known As or when your yoga friends assume pseudo-Indian identities. Someone could easily evolve from swimmer to triathlete to mountain biker over the course of a post-collegiate athletic career.This only parallels the personal and professional changes we undergo as individuals over these dynamic years in life, which is why we shouldn't attach our relationship's identity to our sport.Going into this whole thing, I knew that it was a big commitment and that it would be the focus of my 2013.Now that I’m officially in my seventh week of training and have developed a routine that I’ll likely ride (pun intended) through November, I thought I’d share just a couple highlights on how my life has changed since I started dating Ironman, followed by a peek into my typical week: – I go to bed and wake up hours before my roomies (and I live with my parents) – A couple beers/month has turned me into the cheapest date ever – Friday nights are spent prepping for Saturday morning bike rides – The highlight of my week is my Monday cheat meal and mornings when I get to “sleep in” until 6 a.m.

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