Dating a vulnerable woman

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The sign of Aquarius represents all extreme activities from parachute and bungee jumping, to a sexual experience in public.

Her need to break the rules can sometimes be uncontrollable, not because she is “out of control” but because she doesn’t want to be in it.

Aquarius history - the history of Aquarius and the stories behind it.The most important thing one should keep in mind when starting a relationship with this woman, is that she can be swept off her feet only by respect and a surprise or two in return. If a relationship makes her feel secure enough to open up and dip into her emotional pool, she will most certainly be someone you can trust, without a doubt.However, as soon as her personality is threatened in any way, she will either break up, or not only lie, but also be fully aware of it, take responsibility and still feel very good about it.If her upbringing was tender enough and her needs met when she was a child, her rebellious nature won’t be that difficult to deal with, but the fact is, her inner opposition will push her in the direction of the most unusual activities you can think of.This is why she doesn’t want to go on three same dates in a row, especially not to a romantic family place where she will eat spaghetti.

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