Dating a kigurumi

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(They claim their onesies ‘are guaranteed to increase your chances of random stranger hugs by 16%’. )And the fad to wear these animal onesies out and about seems to be spreading faster than frozen yoghurt shops in an inner-city neighbourhood. Nightclubs are now hosting onesie parties (dress code: no onesie, no entry).Now we’ll admit there are some things that segue from festival wear to streetwear chicly. The basic rule is, can you imagine Kate Moss swanning around Primrose Hill in it? So how did they cross over from obscure Japanese fashion subculture and festival attire to having actual allowed-to-vote adults feeling comfortable walking down the street masquerading as a lion? Well, the animal playsuits got the celeb stamp of approval in a big way.Headlines were made when Lockie Harris started an online petition titled ‘Gen Y: Please Stop Wearing Onesies’. Obviously neither, they’re just a bunch of fabric shaped like an animal.A counter page was then set up addressed to ‘The Fun Police’ requesting ‘Lockie Harris and anyone born before 1983: Stop Petitioning Gen Y to Stop Wearing Onesies’. The onesie hate seems like another excuse to pile on Gen Y but instead of critiquing their career or travel choices, this time it’s their fashion under fire.

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I don't think wanting to see the true visage of the woman I love is an unreasonable request, but she thinks so. Also she's not a trap, since I've already had sex with her. Whether it's burnted, scarred, nothing but skin... If she doesn't take the costume off, then she's not the right person for you dude.13She may need some help if thats what it is. She absolutely refuses to bend it a little, usually whenever I bring it up she instantly switches the subject to sex to get me horny and then we end up doing it and it's fine. I believe it's an issue of trust more than anything - she can't even trust you, her boyfriend, with whatever problem it is that she has to hide with the mask persona. If she tries the sex gambit, tell her to stop it, that you're serious. If you are, then you both need to be willing to share everything with each other. I have read fiction where this was used: a girl brainwashed into thinking she's a different person with the mask on, but reverts to her "normal" self with it off. I was once married to a girl with split personality that came out when she got too drunk, and it's absolutely true that certain "triggers" will cause a certain personality to come out under certain conditions, so I wouldn't be so hasty to discount this. XDyou look like fallilng in love with a doll;; i am a korean, so i can't typ your lagnuage very well.I respect and understand that, but I'm her boyfriend of a year, and I had always thought eventually I would get to see her unmasked. I mean c'mon, the girl lives in some kind of a mask/suit 24/7? People do mind somebody else's business always and that's pretty much a guarantee that this story is a prank. lol37I see you question your sexuality quite a lot, calling me faggot and whatever.It makes me feel highly dejected she wouldn't let me see her real face. My point was that she (if this story is at all true) was living under a mask.But have you ever asked her why she hasn't taken off the mask? "There is a face under this mask, but it's not mine" or something like that. A girl will only give her full self to someone she knows won't abandon her. After thinking about this, I come up with these possibilities: Come to think of it, what's it like going out on a date/movie/whatever towing her around in public? You've mentioned you've had sex, so that rules out the usual cross-dresser inside an animegao/kigurumi player.I just went "..."But yes, I do love her, she's really sweet and her personality is amazing, the kigurumi thing is the only thing that's wrong. Just let her know that even if it's the ugliest face known to man, you won't treat her any different. The words "I promise to be here with you forever" are the ones that make a girl take down her final defenses. But that does NOT mean that "she" wasn't ONCE a "he" and the "she" is just wearing the outfit/mask until the "transformation" is done. OTOH, in relation to #2, she could be using a voice changer, which would make me even more suspicious about who she really is--she could be your sister and you wouldn't know in that case! The creepiest possibility, she's a split personality. But I can imagine you would want to see your girlfriend's real face.

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