Dating a guy who used to be fat

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But on average most girls say that looks aren't everything and I seem to notice this is more true than a guy saying it.

That is to say as people grow older and a man starts to get bigger a woman is more likely to stick by his side even with weight gain.

With her "new body" is also probably going to come new attention, and how she deals with that would be something I'd watch closely.

Some folks in AA, for example, become AA addicts -- a lot of them do, in fact.

And that becomes tiresome to folks who aren't in the program and even, possibly, to some who are. You have to wear the new you well, so to speak, and judge your company.

While on the other hand if a woman grows bigger not too many guys will stick by her side or at least up to a certain point.

Obviously if she's pregnant that changes everything.

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