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Daniele joined Big Brother 8 in 2007, along with her father, Dick.On Day 7, the House competed for the Power of Veto.

If a player fell off their pendulum, or their torso was raised above the bar, they would be eliminated.

Each round, the least accurate slider would be eliminated from the game and choose a present from under a giant Christmas tree.

The last player standing got the pick of the prizes won.

The Situation is still trying to hook up with Snooki and then tries to snuggle with Deena Nicole, only to be turned down. – Some recent reports and pictures have shown Survivor contestant Ozzy Lusth and Lindsay Lohan out together in Hollywood.

And just when will Ronnie and Sammi get back together? Are Ozzy and Lindsay Lohan dating and is this a good thing for either of them? TV News – Big Changes are coming to the CBS Daytime TV series, The Talk.

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