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They were always vague as to where they went though, but they always came back well tanned.All the girls were very polite, always calling me Mr.

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Anne walked up to greet me; she had removed the kimono and I was greeted with the sight of her gorgeous body.It didn't look like it had been trimmed, but it was very erotic, like it was pointing the way to Heaven.Her thin inner labia were visible for almost half the length of her cleft. Her breasts were smaller than Gina's, espresso cup size, space far apart with small areolae and tiny nipples.When we're home we're usually naked, it's just a natural thing for us to do, and the girls are not the least embarrassed being naked in front of their father, or seeing him naked.They have two teenage boys and one girl, and I think it's part of our daughters' education to be around naked boys.

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