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The bartender said to her that would be 3 buttons and could she take it to their table.

Sometimes, men seek release of responsibility in the form of submission. It does not diminish the male, it strengthens him to cast his Alpha state temporarily to the side.First, and of paramount importance, your relationship with your husband MUST be 100% rock solid. In the passing of time, I had observed that my husband’s greatest enjoyment was watching me, with whomsoever my sex partner was, as we engaged in sex play as swingers.Any jealousy, insecurity, or lack of total trust, and this is NOT for you. His participation with the female half of the swinging couple we were engaging was fun and exciting to him, but not as exciting as watching me and my fuck-buddy partner.Go slow, maybe a co-worker or divorced friend that you know will serve as a good first subject.You can start the ball rolling by pointing out to your husband the sexual charms of male movie stars, men on the street..."What a bulge he has... "See his response, and act accordingly, amp it up if you get at least a positive acknowledgment from him."How would you like to see me climb that pole? Be sure to always let him know that you love him, but that the presence of another man would simply be a tryst for the sake of pure sex, nothing more, and that he is your soul-mate forever.

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