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Sorry.)Once your student loan defaults, the entire balance comes due at once.

Not many of us can write a check for tens of thousands of dollars, but paying whatever you can helps.

You'll also need to work with them to develop a new payment plan that will allow you to keep your loan in good standing, as loans rehabilitated on or after August 14, 2008, can only receive the rehabilitation opportunity once.

Rehabilitated loans are eligible for lower payment options, such as income-based repayment and extended repayment.

) and your loan will be sent to a new lender and servicer.

You will send all future payments to this new loan servicer, so make sure you have their payment address and contact information.

Advantage: Once your loans are rehabilitated, the default will be removed from your credit history (though the delinquency will stay). Consolidating out of default is a faster way to get out of default than rehabilitation, but it doesn't have the same advantages.

You can consolidate your loans out of default by doing either of the following: This means that you can have your loans out of default in 3 months or less!

You can provide these details verbally over the phone; however, if you agree to this payment amount, you must submit proof that your income is what you said it was.

If your wages are being garnished, you will have to make these voluntary payments in addition to the garnishment.

Once you make the first five payments, the garnishment order will be suspended.

To regain this eligibility, your fastest solution would be consolidation.

This may also be your only option if you are in the middle of enrollment.

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