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It led me to being closeted until really about 22 years old.

I didn’t realize how much of me is really a weird kinky person. Do you enjoy interacting with your fans on social media? I fangirl and fawn over different porn actresses/actors myself and I can’t help but follow all the hilarious and talented makeup artists that are on twitter. Until about a month ago I would have said Cornucopia in Eugene! Being good at camming doesn’t necessarily make you good at porn and vice versa. ” Though I love what I see in the mirror every day even more!

As a fellow Oregonian I’m curious if you enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest?

I love how different Oregon and really specifically Eugene/Portland are from the rest of the USA. it’s strange, it’s scary at times, and beautiful because of those things. I know it doesn’t fit the wearing lots of makeup and “getting my hair did” persona I sorta portray, but I love camping! And when you’re with friends you finally start to talk you start drinking and it’s a blast!

My earliest memory of being transgender was trying on girl’s clothes when I was like in preschool maybe 3-5years old? I always had mostly girl friends growing up, a few friends knew about me being trans and spread the rumors and such and I was made fun of etc.

I’m 25, so back 10 years ago when I was younger the atmosphere and acceptance for coming out as trans was much different today.

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