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The caller phoned the office twice while Larry was there.Larry asked her if there was something wrong, and she stated that they had been receiving several similar phone calls.The sign had been visible for six months before it was covered up.Cindy was disturbed when, just a few weeks later, the same message appeared again.Police were uncertain if the message had anything to do with her disappearance.They did question several people with the initials GW, including a maintenance man who happened to have keys to the legal office.

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 3, 1990 episode. The person who wrote the spray-painted message has since been identified and is not believed to have any connection with the case. is a suspect in the case and was one of the nine people indicted on the drug charges.

Her family found no reason for her to disappear, especially because she was raised in a strict religious environment.

Also, she was planning on quitting her job in two weeks and going to a bible college with her boyfriend.

However, the tipster did not give the address of the house.

When the investigator tried to ask her for more information, the call ended. When another investigator tried to listen on the extension, the tipster again hung up the phone.

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