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The Scientology website describes CST as 'a California nonprofit religious corporation formed in 1982 to preserve and archive the Scientology scripture and so ensure its availability for all future generations'.The Church of Scientology Religious Education College in East Grinstead was found to have breached environmental regulations after local people complained of pollution in a tributary of the River Medway.Follower: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, left, has been a Scientologist since the early 1990s and, right, Scientology leader David Miscavige, addresses the crowd during the opening of a new church in London Mr Sweeney was accompanied by a former Scientologist Marc Headley, who claims to have been 'audited' by Cruise and then beaten up by the church’s leader David Miscavige - incidents which the church strongly deny.In it he reveals how the church's E-meter devices, which are used to measure the static electric field around a person, cost just to make but are sold for ,000 (£2,400).

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It also heard that no long-term damage was caused to the waterway.Despite nearby roads being shut, former members and protesters gathered near the cordon the express their anger at the opening of the branch and at the religion, which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its members.After Priscilla Presley quit the church yesterday one former member, William Drummond, told the Birmingham Mail: 'People don't understand what's going on in their local area and that's very frightening.'The main motivation for them is money, property and expansion and that's evident here.' Another ex-Scientologist, Adrian Bailey, added: 'What annoyed me the most was that they always asked for money.Private investigators who, I believe, were working for the church chased me around the streets of Los Angeles, invaded my hotel at midnight and put me under surveillance.Strangers spied on my wedding and knocked on the doors of my neighbours.

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