Christian perspectives dating marriage

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For some, they have dabbled in it on and off; for others it ‘worked’ (one dating, one married); one even co-founded a Christian dating service back in 1999 (that would be our very own Sam Moorcroft). A detailed profile was the consensus among the panel (“I like to read” versus “The last novel I read was ____ and I loved it because ___”).While most provided stories and opinions from a relationship-seeker point of view, Sam provided insight and advice from a dating site operator vantage point. When reading profiles, those who put a lot of time and thought into their profile answers were considered serious about finding a match.Possibly you’ve tried online dating before and are debating giving it another go.

If perhaps a quarter of these were eligible for marriage, those 75,000 are going to be spread thinly across a country of nearly 70,000,000 inhabitants.The rejection rate is high, but such is the case with many things: sales, sports, etc…When searching an online dating site do you limit yourself geographically?Sam suggests not to — trust God instead to guide you in your search.The panel also talks briefly about ‘Red Flags‘ when using online dating sites. We recommend you give the podcast a listen – you won’t be disappointed!

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