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Creeii, to whom tiie coii- .'tructioii anil contracts fur the new Mu.'eum building are committed Congress in the act making an appropriation for that purpo-e. wore selected as architects and before, the close of the fiscal year their part of the work was well under way.

lynlj, a eommittce to the Board in conneetion with tlie work of con- struction was de.signated liy resolution as follow.': Tliat the Secretary, witli the adxice and eoii.-eiit of the Chancellor and the chair- man of tlie executive eommittee, he authorized to repre.-cnt the Boaid of Regents so fur as may be necessary in consultation with Bernard R. of W ashington, wln.i made the ten- tative plaii.s.

As a museum of record 7 As a museum of researcli S» As au educational museum 10 An additional museum Imildiinr 12 SUM. Appropriations and expenditures 15 Ruildings Iti Additions to tlie colleotions 17 Kxplorations 25 Distribution and exchange of specimens 26 Researches 28 Progress in the installation of the exhibition collections 86 Visitors HS Meetings and lectures 3! West range, Smitlisoniaii Institution building 225 9. Plan of basement and first floor, Siiiitlisouian Institution building 309 29. American Museum of Natural History, (leneral view of the completed building as planned :;2S 2. The United States Nationai, ^rrs Ei M: An Ai'cur NT of the Buildings Occupied B v THE National Collections. The Smithsonian Institution building, viewed from the northwest 195 4. Plan of the Smithsonian park, showing location of the present buildings, and site of the new i Museuiu biiililing 185 8.

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