Chat room piss

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My roomie thought she had the apartment all to herself, she obviously didn’t hear me coming back, because when I looked out the window, I saw her downstairs, in the patio, talking to somebody on her phone while stripping naked! She bent over the couch, and I could see her delicious bubble shaped ass, her hand between her legs, rubbing and fingering her cunt while on the phone!I had a full view of her ass, asshole and cunt, man, this was unbelievable!She really wanted to suck and fuck all the dick she could get before her next birthday!

The blonde girl saw that she doesn’t mind anymore, so she went over her and put his cock inside her mouth.

They were suddenly in front of him, licking his huge cock from each side and making him hornier than ever before in his entire life.

It was definitely time for the step-mom to get some, so the little blonde watched as he started pounding her as hard as he could.

The horny mom started kissing him with her fingers up inside her step-daughter’s pussy!

It was time for the girls to join forces when it comes to sock sucking.

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