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We’ve got a new CEP beta that you can get your hands on today. The Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) is what makes it possible for developers like you to write extensions for many of our Creative Cloud desktop apps using HTML, CSS, and Java Script.

With a Chromium browser engine and built right in, CEP provides Java Script developers with a wide range of powerful options for building extensions, including standard browser APIs, network access, and file management libraries.

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Before we move onto a use case supported by Flink CEP, we want to give new readers a bit of background on the API and its core concepts. When I refer to a single individual “pattern”, I mean, “a search for individual elements with the same properties”. A “pattern sequence” refers to a graph of individual patterns that you’re searching for in a stream of continuous data, where transitions from one pattern to the next occur based on conditions you specify.

A time constraint states that you want all your events to happen within a specific time span to have a match.

Contiguity conditions allow you to define the contiguity strictness of the pattern flow by using one of the following conditions: Find out more about what’s possible in the Flink CEP documentation.

In Flink 1.3.0, the community completed work to make CEP operators rescalable, meaning that a user can take a savepoint and restart a CEP job with a different parallelism with application state intact.

This support for rescalable state to the CEP library is an extension of a key feature that was first supported in Data Stream programs in Flink 1.2.0.

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