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There's a smear of tingling freshness but far from a standard galbanum or citrus perfume. Does anybody know of another perfume that would smell similar? I can`t recall ANY banana note whatsoever, unless it`s a green, unripe banana barely there, nutmeg and sandalwood on the other hand, and something herbal.marjoram or basil. At the start there's elements of candied banana, sweet and joyful.

Aldehyde perfumes aren't really my type, but if you like soapy aldehyde scent definitely check this tropical beauty out. I can´t believe D&G blue is still out there but not "my" Sicily. When I closed my eyes spraying this on I always pictured myself in Italy (I`ve never been, to date..) It`s probably the spring-summer perfume with the most backbone; it is strong in character, yet not heavy. And that was the end of it for me, so I bought a Sicily smell alike oil off ebay. As it dries down it enters the land of Chanel N° 5, with fat aldehydes and musks accompanied by jasmine.

But if the smell is like the one i buy , then this perfume its the class itself . Truly there is absolutely nothing like this one that I have smelled yet.

It wasn't my type of perfume at all and it caused me terrible headache like everything with aldehydes, but I kept wearing it every day because perfume was warm like sunshine in the midday, that was the only way I could afford the trip to my imaginative Sicily. In the beginning to feel a bit of sun-warming oil, warm, sweet, I suspect it gives a nutmeg. Its really oriental, unusual these perfume are for sure. On paper and on my skin this perfume just did not work for me.

From the oriental / floral or aldehyde / floral category. Bananas do not smell at all and the roses do not smell at all. I discovered this scent 6 years ago when i was in high school and it become my favorite .

Very strong and distinct, and has a clear early 2000s vibe to it. For what I wanted, it is near perfection and will likely be my signature as long as I can find it. I was lucky enough to snatch a 50 ml bottle and got a huge tester absolutely free of charge in a small pharmacy somewhere in the heart of Ireland in 2010. Youre a housewife hanging laundry in the sun on a line... While I am amused and charmed by the effect they created, and the 1940s-50's vintage theme of the perfume... It might be perfect and fun in the summer when I am wearing one of my vintage sundresses, and not in the mood for coconut or tart fruit... Its a true gem and stockpile it while its still our there!

During the dry down it becomes warmer, muskier, but never loses its banana heart. After I overindulged myself with the tester I decided I don`t want to keep the rest of my 50 ml bottle and gave the remaining 30 ml away to a friend.. I must admit, to me it came across as a citrusy aldehyde - the bergamot came out very dominant on me and the honeysuckle with it. I may have a very difficult time wearing this (or anything in the same family, for example, I really do not like Chanel no 5... Sicily, to me, is a bizzarre fragrance that seems both overhyped and overhyped for a reason.

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