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Among black Americans there are varying degrees of admixture with non-African ancestry.

The NHANES database attempts to reach a nationwide balance.

In practice, such storage is easily achieved if a patient has also had a bone marrow aspirate (since a blood smear should always be stored with an aspirate), but it is harder to achieve if the peripheral blood smear alone has provided the diagnosis.

Individual laboratories should have a mechanism to make possible the retention of such smears or an image derived from them.

It is likely that more of the black population of San Diego originates from the Northeast and the Midwest; therefore, San Diego may have greater white admixture than the NHANES sample.

However, this has not been documented by the study of genetic markers in either data set.

White Americans are a genetic mixture of persons from various parts of Europe and the Middle East.

In particular, the mean hemoglobin of older men is slightly higher in the Scripps-Kaiser data than in the NHANES data.Sometimes the blood smear provides the primary or the only evidence of a specific diagnosis, such as myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, lymphoma, or hemolytic anemia.It is important that, if possible, such blood smears be stored over the long term, just as a tissue that provides a histologic diagnosis is stored over the long term.This serves to eliminate most subjects with iron deficiency anemia and also many of those with the anemia of chronic inflammation, in which the transferrin saturation is also usually low.We were also able to determine whether excessive alcohol intake, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, or inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein in NHANES, erythrocyte sedimentation rate in Scripps-Kaiser, elevated serum ferritin, or leukocytosis) affected the hemoglobin concentrations in these populations.

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