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’ Ida thought, ‘Why couldn’t I have been paired with Hoss tonight.He always finishes with such a flair.’Soon the cheering stopped and she realized they were on a commercial break.Bitte klicken Sie auf den "Kippschalter", um Flash für Ihren Browser zu aktivieren.

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“You know our judges, some of the biggest names in porn: Biggus Caligula, Peter Hungwell, Daisy Tripledee, Tiffany Trollip, and the legendary Dick Touché!

”Another round of loud applause roared from the audience as the judges stood and bowed.

Biggus Caligula was unmistakable in his trademark toga, but the two most popular pornstar judges were the superstars Daisy Tripledee and Dick Touché.“I’m about to bring out our second place contestant.”The crowd roared with approval and started chanting ‘I-Da-Hoe! ” beamed Rock Rockefeller walking across the stage holding his microphone, “Ida Hoe.”Thunderous applause rocked the studio.

The show was filmed live which is one reason it had been such a ratings smash with the American TV audience.

Millions of people coast to coast were tuning in twice a week to see the young gorgeous women in the wildest fuck and suck competition ever aired on cable television. ”“Two nights a week for past five weeks you all have been loyally attending in the audience and millions more glued to their TV screens watching our All-American beauties compete for the title Miss American Pornstar.”The crowd cheered loudly.“Holly Keyhole from Texas has remained in first place, but Ida Hoe is a very close second and could easily catch or surpass her tonight with an amazing performance.

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