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The eating is what he was really looking forward to, anyway.

It's this focused perversity that turns off even his fellow Predacons.

Unfortunately for them, Dinobot had time to activate the base defenses, and Tarantulas was blasted into the distance by the auto-guns.

The Predacons uncovered a stash of energon crystals atop a mountain, but were forced to fight in their beast modes.Before he could do anything with the knowledge, he encountered Rattrap, who'd come to destroy the mountain.Their fight ended with Tarantulas falling from the side of the mountain.Terrorsaur, his power boosted, defeated Megatron in combat before leaving Tarantulas in charge of the other Predacons.Tarantulas promptly tailed Terrorsaur to find out what his new power source was, and discovered it was a flying mountain topped with a cache of super energon.

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