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Tel Aviv is also a city that had seen a remarkable political awakening in the last municipal elections, with new, genuinely left-wing slates – City for All and Yaffa List – winning almost half of the council.

These delegates are probably the reason Babyuf sneaked the funding through the finance committee, and they are (fingers crossed) going to give him and mayor Huldai hell at the next council meeting Sunday.

Whether you’re calling the mayor or the opposition, please remember you’re talking to real people and be as constructive, polite and respectful of their time (and time differences) as you can. UPDATE 24/2: In a statement issued today, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) expressed shock at the racism of the Tel Aviv municipality, as reported in the Ma’ariv article.

For those of you abroad, Tel Aviv is a proud twin city with If you’re in or near any of those, drop a letter to the mayor and publicize it online as wide as possible; call talk about it on your radio station; start a petition. Hagai El-Ad, the director of the ACRI, said: “Neither the municipality of Tel Aviv nor any other official body is responsible for ‘racial purity.’ The idea of the municipality interfering in the weaving of romantic connections is inconceivable.” For further information from the ACRI, contact spokeswoman Nirit Moskowitz.

They were begging to leave but their Arab boyfriends wouldn’t let them.” N said there were more than 10 part-time religious schools capable of taking care of the girls, but they were suffering from overload and lack of funds. This Arab guy hit on her, she became pregnant and got an abortion, He took her to his village and they dressed her up in a galabiya (Arab dress), but everyone treated her horrifically, calling her a Jew-Jew.

At some point she complained against him so he beat her up really badly.

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“When I asked him if getting together with members of minorities is being ‘at risk,’ Leibe replied: ‘For the families that ostracise them it is'”, Ben Yeffet said.

The program will be launched this month in the Shapira, Kiryat Shalom and Nev Offer neighborhoods.

The committee said some of the project’s aims are ‘locating immigrant girls at risk…

Don’t forget to select “Tlalim-Israel Outdoors” as your trip organizer!

Igbo Jews are members of the Igbo people of Nigeria who practice a form of Judaism.

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