Brian puspos dating

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As I was thinking of my blog title, I thought of many different possibilities. Most were taken by other users who haven’t logged on in over 4 years, and most other ideas I’d had were too wordy. what do I want people to get out of when they read my blog?

But anyway, long story short, Aja wrote this beautiful, yet tragic, eloquently written blog post about her gained wisdom from the traumatic experience. To sum it up, Aja speaks about how she’s always seen the women in her life as her allies and not competitors. In this segment, Aja tries to explain that she doesn’t want anything negative to come out of her situation and her words.

But the way she handled it has made me respect her like no other.

Within this post and this young lady, I have found a new role model, a new inspiration, and a new woman I hope to become like someday. And I believe she inspires young women to become warriors themselves.

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