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R7 Amazingly enough he hasnt worked much since leaving y and r. Reportedly he turned down GH a few times but they just wore him down. Billy Miller is a man, and not some worked-out-to-within-an-inch-of-his-life pansy. He also has about the most perfect set of teeth I've ever seen on a man, and beautiful blue eyes.[quote]Reading comprehension is not your friend is it? R58The reading comprehension was because JC was flat out identified as Jessica Collins in the post.And gave him enough "outs" to pursue other acting gigs. Well, like the dummy that you are, you compared his looks to hers when you said she beats him in the looks department. WTF do you mean comparing looks can't be done between a man and a woman.

R32 It's just one or two people, obsessed with tedious, ancient minutiae of other discussion boards and obscure actors, screeching at each other. Hopefully they can shut up now that Victor is dead.[quote] Why do our humble little GH threads inspire such assholery? The Y&R fangurrls hate that because they don't think she's hot enough for him. women on this site for a long time doesn't make it normal. I had heard Laura Wright on a podcast recently and she had a good sense of humor.I wonder how big of a leash the Sony/CBS/Bell snooze fest is giving JFP? Sharon Case( one of the most beautiful women on TV) is slowly becoming Jackie Zeman Part Deux! Having spent a little bit of time with Billy, "Grumpy" is a cute, accurate name for him. I feel somewhat bad for him getting mucked up in GH, as terrible and stupid as it is. Howarth is more interesting when he's playing deviousness. One of the FFB said Robin has been recast with another Y&R refugee. I hate to say it, but given the lackluster quality of KMc's recent performances, maybe a recast is in order.Each time she is on it truly amazes me how little she seems to put into her role. The powers that be are bizarrely loyal to the greasy haired, unpleasantly plump Kim Mc C.That's something I definitely agree with you on, R113. We all know about Te Ca but it seems RM and MW are out as well. I feel RH is starting to finally hit his groove with Franco. Who did they think gave a rat's ass about Peter Harrell or whatever his name was? The only good thing and only by default was blowing up the increasingly tiresome CC crazy clinic. KMc is so unattractive now and is definitely lacklustre. The audience should really be feeling for Robin's situation but I feel zip. Having so-called villains kidnap her as a part of a non existent end point is beyond silly. Jason telling Nancy DDrew how disgusted he was in the beginning with the P. women and their slobbering over low-life thugs was right on the mark. This story is very confusing and being shoved down our throats so fast. Why not have Jason injured in the clinic explosion - that made a lot more sense. Hugo Napier is returning to his role of Lawrence Ashton, Ned's father. And there are still rumours that Julia Barrett, and Paul and Jenny Hornsby are returning as well.It is waaaaaay past the time for the Cassadine Master Plan to be revealed. I'm guessing Helena has been a favorite for years(the only Helena I ever saw was ET), but the consensus of the FFB is it's time she died DIED, to use a Whoopi-ism. It's funny that HC started out as a short, fat brunette and is now a tall, willowy blonde(who played Julie in a revival of SHOWBOAT, no less). That crazy eyed Stravros looked like he stepped straight out of Reefer Madness. I wish they'd had the good sense to permanently blow up all the played out Cassadines with it. The "Legion Of Dumb" Carlivati cobbled up with Victor, Stavros, Levi, was shockingly awful. Maybe Brian Craig (Morgan) needs a good workout with Chad Duell (Michael.), before they strip off in the locker room and have a bro shower together. There's a rumor out there that Miller might get liposuction on his moobs....;) Perish the thought..... If the latest SOD is to be believed, it appears the new head of ABC Daytime wants GH to return to a more hospital oriented format with touches of mob activity and super spy adventure thrown on in the side, possibly as soon as the end of this year. Did anyone else find the scene yesterday with Maxie going to Capt. I don't recall them saying two words to each other except during her sit-in. Why did we have to see Robin and Jason escape to PC like that? Just bring Laura back and she'll see through Fluke immediately. It would make perfect sense for her to be involved in this storyline. That and evidently too much bad blood between Genie and TPTB.

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