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If you’re having trouble perceiving and projecting, focus on projecting.

Necessary ingredients for a successful projection: giggles; bare legs; shyness. When you succeed, a certain sharpness will go out of his eyes.

By one, your mind should drift so free that you lose track of what is happening below. Spurs and gashes of stone narrate a violence that the earth itself has long forgotten.

Your mind will rejoin your body when it is safe to do so.

At such moments, it may be useful to explicitly recall your training:“You will be infiltrating the lives of criminals.“You will be in constant danger.“Some of you will not survive, but those who do will be heroes.“A few of you will save lives and even change the course of history.“We ask of you an impossible combination of traits: ironclad scruples and a willingness to violate them;“An abiding love for your country and a willingness to consort with individuals who are working actively to destroy it;“The instincts and intuition of experts, and the blank records and true freshness of ingénues.“You will each perform this service only once, after which you will return to your lives.“We cannot promise that your lives will be exactly the same when you go back to them.”Eagerness and pliability can be expressed even in the way you climb from the sea onto chalky yellow rocks.“You’re a very fast swimmer,” uttered by a man who is still submerged, may not be intended as praise. ” suggests a preference for direct verbal responses over giggling.“I like it” must be uttered with enough gusto to compensate for a lack of declarative color.“You don’t sound sure” indicates insufficient gusto.“I’m sure” is acceptable only when followed, coyly, with “You’ll have to convince me.”Throwing back your head and closing your eyes allows you to give the appearance of sexual readiness while concealing revulsion.

Giggling is sometimes better than answering.“You are a lovely girl” may be meant straightforwardly. Being alone with a violent and ruthless man, surrounded by water, can make the shore seem very far away.

A hundred feet of blue-black Mediterranean will allow you ample time to deliver a strong self-lecture.Remind yourself that you aren’t being paid when he leads you behind a boulder and pulls you onto his lap.The Dissociation Technique is like a parachute—you must pull the cord at the correct time.Some powerful men actually call their beauties “Beauty.”Counter to reputation, there is a deep camaraderie among beauties.If your Designated Mate is widely feared, the beauties at the house party where you’ve gone undercover to meet him will be especially kind.

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