Black metal dating

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Chadwick has previously mentioned a 'lady' in his life during interviews, but has never named her.

According to sources, the pair have been together since 2015, and were recently spotted courtside during the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles in February.

Ginn doubled on bass guitar under the name "Dale Nixon" for the recording as he had pushed out co-founding bassist Chuck Dukowski shortly before recording; the album includes two tracks Dukowski wrote.

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The line-up had shrunk from five members to three: vocalist Henry Rollins, drummer Bill Stevenson, and co-founding guitarist Greg Ginn.

The two have kept their relationship out of the public eye and have not confirmed whether or not they are dating.

While he keeps his personal life private, Chadwick's acting career has been taking off.

MCA label president Al Bergamo halted the release after hearing the record, calling it "anti-parent" copies of Damaged and adorned it with a label displaying Bergamo's "anti-parent" quote.

Legal troubles erupted when SST claimed unpaid royalties from Unicorn and Unicorn successfully counter-sued, resulting in five days in jail for Ginn and cofounding bassist Chuck Dukowski and an injunction prohibiting the band from releasing material under its own name.

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