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On this page: For more hardware specifics, including discussion on how the chip might be cooled, a more thorough breakdown on X1 technology and thoughts on the possible CPU set up, read Digital Foundry's extensive Nvidia Tegra codename NX piece.

This has paved the way for many, many games - which we've listed in entirety in this article to help you work out what to play next.Surprisingly accessible and appealingly old-school all at once, Soul Hackers is a real treat for RPG junkies.Nintendo's long-running Fire Emblem series had a real renaissance on the 3DS, with the series' trademark mix of high drama and tactical SRPG gameplay spiced up through an anime-inspired aesthetic and incredibly addictive romance elements.This epic adventure takes a plucky team of four heroes on a quest to revive a dying world, combining the airships-and-crystals feel of Play Station-era Final Fantasy titles with all mod cons, including adjustable random encounters, fast-forwardable battles, augmented reality cutscenes, and a fantastic Street Pass implementation.Its Brave/Default system offers one of the freshest takes on turn-based battling we've seen in a long time, and makes leveling up the creatively varied Jobs — everything from Knights and Thieves to Ninjas and Vampires — a joy.

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