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This beverage was omnipresent; a pitcher of it stood on the table, and a jug of it went regularly to the corn and hay field. Major Samuel Warren was a temperance man for the times ; yet as late as 1825 he was accustomed to provide half a barrel of New England rum for haying and harvesting. Goodenow, Thom- sonian, practiced here for a season, and perhaps others whose names we have not found. Shattuck has long been at the head of the Hygienic Institute, an eclectic establishment, which has a large patronage and much success. No cellar was properly stored with winter supplies that did not contain at least several barrels of cider. The first physician who settled in the village was Dr.

A portion of the law was read and various shameful scenes were enacted, at the close of which the company was dis- missed." A few figures showing the extent of the military resources of the state in 1820 may be of interest. Whitman, who had estabhshed himself here about 1817. Elbridge Gerry, son of Peter Gerry, was born in Waterford, and commenced practice about 1835. A man of popular abilities and bearing, he was taking a high place in his profession when stricken down by disease, which has unfitted him for active business for the last twenty-five years. In 1821 the town imposed the first license stricture on the sale of spirit. It is needless to say that spirits have never since been brought on to that farm. By using our website, you accept this disclaimer in full. The following is a list of doctors and lawyers who came to town between 18. Leander Gage was in success- ful practice here until 1846.

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