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All licences for Peter Pan in the UK and US are handled by Samuel French. THE LAUGHTER EVAPORATES AND THE GIRLS FREEZE IN ALARM. KATE: Oh look, Clarissa, the babies are having a little meeting. KATE: (In a sweet and menacing tone) But this is our dorm, Maisie. We can go where we wish, do what we wish, (pulling Trixie's hair) treat anyone how we wish.

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People living in the villages have their own way of life which is quite different from the city dwellers.If you would like to customize the orchestral arrangements on our backing tracks or re-score them for your own instrumental line-up you can purchase the MIDI files of all our musical plays. SHE IS THE ONLY ONE LOOKING FOH AND SHE GASPS AND FREEZES IN SHOCK WHEN SHE SEES A FIGURE DRESSED IN 17TH COSTUME CROSS THE FOH SPACE. Using the MIDI files you can change the tempo and key to suit your instrumentalists and singers and even cut verses of longer songs. (Turning to Trixie, who is now crying) I said, I wanted your name, you ... MAISIE: (Standing and shaking with fear) Mollie, Mollie. Read play scripts on-line and download play scripts from here. You can read a sample of the script here or request a reading copy of the whole play and musical score here.In our catalogue you will find a range of play scripts, musical play scripts and pantomime scripts to suit all tastes and abilities, from play scripts for junior schools to professional theatre scripts. DAISY: They won't get involved in boarding discipline. A riotous musical play set in a girls school in the 1950s.

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