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Zaara: Hey Azula why do I have a message from Zuko Azula: oh that? Zaara: Really not helping here guys.0000000000Speech Thought Demonic speech00000000000000000A/N: Before we go any further we'd like to point out that This Chapter as well as a few others were written in advance. If they can keep with with our skills," said Naruto.

She was sitting on a rock chair and 'looking at Sokka as he dressed."What is it Toph? "It's not like everyone hasn't heard the rumors of how you Wets roll," said Toph Sokka blushed in rage. It's your call,"(24 hours later)Naruto smirked as the tank chased after the Avatar and his team. You smell of Sweet berries, heated ash, and fire flowers," said Naruto not bothering to look at her body in her combat clothes except her armor and her hair down. You're always talking about how you carry your own weight, but you're not. Sokka dropped his weapons as Katara was pinned to a tree not a yard away from her brother. You can run, but I'll catch you," said Azula as Naruto smirked. "I'm not running," said Aang."Do you rally want to fight me? Azula glared at Aang as he was blocking her attacks, before she jumped up and slashed Aang's face with her long nails.

" asked Sokka putting his sash on over his sleeveless shirt."Nothing, but I wonder if sugar queen is aware that her brother is packing some really big guns. He was well aware of the rumors and disgust of the water tribes as more then a few family's were inbreed, more then not because of how far away they were from the rest of the world. She may have been blind, but she was not foolish to the ways of the world as her family owned a few slaves and she knew the things her father do to the female slaves. I'm not a barbarian that the stories portray my people to be Toph. The tank kept after them and was keeping the team off balance and he knew from experience that the time was about to basically tear itself apart. Azula blushed."I've been meaning to ask you a few things what is going on between you and Mai? Naruto read The Fire Princess's stance and realized that she was getting Jealous. What ever happens between the two of you is my problem! Naruto stood up and Azula quickly realized the difference in height as well as power as he backed her into a wall and put his hands on either side of her head. Sokka tried to move, but his body didn't respond"How are you doing? Aang yelled as blood started to drip down his face. Aang didn't say anything as Appa arrived and they took off.(With Team Avatar)As they landed Toph made the ground as soft as possible as Aang gently lifted the boy that had become something of a brother to him off of Appa and Katara got to work trying to fix her brother's wounds."Katara is Sokka going to be okay?

Killjoy: Yeah how you gonna explain your relationship Zaara or how you tied her up lmao Zaara: (shoots a glare at his friend) Your not helping any bub. Killjoy: And you brother can roast what makes Zaara male.

Toph: Boys sometimes get touchy about guys touching there sisters.

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