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Lesson Areas and Sample Targeted Skills Following the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we developed a treatment approach for children with autism, up to age eight, that focuses on minimizing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition.

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This methodology is highly effective in teaching basic communication, play, motor, and daily living skills.

If necessary, we also provide school shadowing services so children have the support they need in the classroom.

Challenging Goals; Trackable Progress We teach self-help and safety skills, build language and communication, as well as an array of advanced skills such as theory of mind, social skills, and executive functioning.

Initially, ABA programs for children with Autism utilized only (DTT), and the curriculum focused on teaching basic skills as noted above.

However, ABA programs, such as the program implemented at CARD, continue to evolve, placing greater emphasis on the generalization and spontaneity of skills learned.

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