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ISSUE #117 December 2004 | volume is; Noj2 "I Lun i magi Li Lin indeed. 1 1; dostrovi ng yo n i' i 1 1 l oll i go i ico, your pen;onaiitv your soul — 'tor 1 am no god.'" J^andelume^ "T'sfiis, " by Ji M-k 32 ISTIVIN: CITY OF SHADOWS Greg A. m Th blow ledge of e^'ery sped yet devised, the silcight of miies, inc QEiiations, design! Vaughan 5 l Erik Morta At the heart ot :\ tmgic ^vc^te JTl kiogdor Ti is star -0 ms Isijvin, a L'ily liauiilfid by dernoiiio p^H'ts, devious djn k elves, and worse. ADVENTURES 18 FALLEN ANGEL Keith Baker On Olarnric ytfi in yi Kdi yoar sinc.f; the fbundlng of the Kingdom, one of the city of Slianfs floating low Cf! Bitte klicken Sie auf den "Kippschalter", um Flash für Ihren Browser zu aktivieren.Sie können Flash auch entsperren, indem Sie auf das "Puzzle"-Icon in der oberen rechten Ecke Ihres Browsers klicken. ^Kdrle armor, made from layers of torn, stained doth. Thdi (.:ycs are wild, ifielr lips flecked widi ho til. HD ld Cu-.i plus ldl2-i-2.: bp Id each; knit 4-L; Spd 4f) fi.; AC 12, loudr 1 1, bat- looted 11; Base .■\tk i l ; Grp h . Looking for an extraordinary way in expressing your naughty and side of you privately and for FREE?We give you what you want that will surely give you crazy yet satisfying gay live sex cam services.

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I am Majitev Mathematician, llie Ihs L s It I L’f" P i i 3 ridiial , y^t \ rri n d o n iisl i i ti g l.o yon i b ra i n w i I lioi.

A eon pie te- urban tlark fantasy mini- tt i I ig f Of a 1 1 DSi D cat Ti py i g I 60 THE WINDING WAY Nicholas Logue 7'he Temple of the WEi Kling Way stands watdi nv-Eir ibi' l.v/j'^Ling passes of the nos lhern moiiirtains, Iju T who slaiidi watch over the temple's wfobeh etl secret? ; fell i Tdin the sky, ci i^Eihitig much of ihe Godsgate Dii^trics. Vnugh^n A decade ago, the drovv goddess Lotth captured the city of Istivin in 1 ler wor Jd-spa.n 1 1 i og rtruno Ti wel . Advenkners evcni.usaily won the day, but the affair left a dark stain on the city's send that Ttov: spu ITete; 1 0 te.c tiblo 1 i fe. A Dfi D adve n i u it; for 1 1 Lh-level characters. irt^Ch^^f; Cfiy Mofla Art Sean Glenn Aaaociato Art Director-: Mike Schley Aasdeiat E Ed itor: Jam BS |Eca]h3 Craphic D[»iigncr'Sa Tah; Rpbinscin ^rd Horial Atsiatiirrt: W^lh Br Adyertlsi Jig Sates Dtfectd^; R&b Stewart Prbdu-ciio U Directtir; Jefl T Alvarez Prepress Manager:- Koltj O'Bri^ Circulation Vlanag Er; Keith Strohm CONTRIBU''^INC ARTi STSv Mtgii l Adwjait^ Bare All&ath Andreev Mai, %La Siwl*^ Hunt^jt Tli; Ui Brs Ul, liriy H*nien FV! Pp'SI^MASr ER nk^sriend addresi d-jn[je^Ki; Durtijaac..^ ^IJ;[^ili^bi^i^5 LOC, l YOO ^i! 0^, Mo [Tilrt af Ib'is mapiirrc- maj' I* rcp-Klui Hd (cjkrp S 'fc'.rrflr W 3 ur|jfti K; Wl Lria L^ Pi K 'pf |6f- wienri curtiert afliiu 'patilii:-iar.- Ma’te-IBi ft Libikha J ti?

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