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By doing this, they preserved a wealth of ancient knowledge.Second, they developed the sophisticated administrative framework for how to govern an empire.That help to get a better understanding of how to co-exist. the accounts of Assyriankings that date back to 884-859 BC.I'm a Mexican-American, and this is how I'm goinng about it, plus it helps if you're Catholic too, like her. In 721 BC, a Chaldean ruler,despite great opposition, seized the throne of Babylon and reignedfor ten years.Napoleon, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK and Bill Clinton just to name a few of those unfaithful icons.But the most fascinating example of infidelity is a rather famous influential scientist named Albert Einstein, you might have heard of him?!

She is unappreciated, misunderstood, and maybe even really horny.That framework also included urban planning, roads and aqueducts.Third, they were pioneers of military might, organizing their armies by ranks and units.And following Biblical prophecy, the empire was eventually destroyed by an alliance formed by Assyria's neighbors, the Medes, and Chaldeans.Shortly afterward, the former Assyrian empire became part of the Persian empire.

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