Askmen dating player love games

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And sometimes folks simply see it as a social shortcut, a way to quickly find a tour guide in another country.

But however you use it, Tinder is by far the best, thirstiest mobile game.

Call it what you want - a sport, extinct, a verb used without an object – dating is nothing more than a game, with finding “the one” being the ultimate prize.

Not many of us are lucky enough to claim the prize until post diploma.

I’m not saying the maneater is a gold digger, cause she’s a female player and these two people are not the same.

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Face it, the shmuck had to get home safe somehow and he had ABC’s number way before he had yours .This girl may not be all that attractive, but she’s got her sexy on and everything she says and does have tempting undertones.It drives men to act and think as though they’ve have lost their minds Yeah, that’s that Sunshine, Boo Boo… traveling, shopping without looking at the price tags, dining at fine restaurants and sipping on the best beverages. Truth be told, this lifestyle ain’t for everybody and if this is you, it’s okay.Don’t let their daytime uniform fool you into thinking they are curled up with a book at night.Well, not all of them, but most people have two sides. Most women look away when they spot a man looking at them, but no, not her!

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